And I told her

I know my heart
cannot be opened
to confirm
if the words
that flow out of my mouth
are genuine
but the look in my eyes
would bear me witness
when I say
I love you!

For you bring out
the sweetness in me
like how the juice maker
squeezes out the juice
from oranges.

…and this sweetness
instigates my heart
to make my mouth
flow those words
I say
like, I love you!

Submitted for Thursday Poets’ Rally, week 35

38 thoughts on “And I told her

  1. Such beautiful words πŸ˜€ The reference to the juce maker and oranges was really refreshing and made my mouth water! lol A great poem xx

  2. how are you?

    let me know after you are done:

    #1: return favor to poets who are here,
    #2: commented for 18 poets NEW to you,

    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks form the contribution!

  3. emmanu i will have to humbly admit that in my eyes you are the best love poem writer in our circle.

    you sure will make your lady feel like an empress πŸ™‚

  4. You’re words of Love clearly state your heart’s intent ღ You’ve reminded us all… that Love is “magic” so no walls can contain it, and no doors can keep it… from finding a home with another heart ღ
    @ny_heidi xo

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