The rose that grew on concrete could have been just another seed thrown probably on a random without the intention of making it grow. It landed on concrete; an infertile soil with no chance to germinate yet the rose that grew on concrete worked its way against all odds to sprout from toddler until a roseContinue reading “Destined”

And I told her

I know my heart cannot be opened to confirm if the words that flow out of my mouth are genuine but the look in my eyes would bear me witness when I say I love you! For you bring out the sweetness in me like how the juice maker squeezes out the juice from oranges.Continue reading “And I told her”

Poetry is…

Poetry is you Poetry is me Poetry’s the hue our mind’s eyes see. Poetry is abstract as much as it attracts your sense of reading to the poet’s ideas written. Poetry’s the child of brains run wild Poetry is anything that conjures words to meaning. Poetry is wings fly away at will explore horizons reachContinue reading “Poetry is…”

Unleash you to paradise

Give me your ears let me tell you a secret that will trigger your senses enlighten your thoughts arouse your appetite and open your eyes. Give me your eyes let me remove the speck that prevents you from seeing paradise wide and clear; thereby corrupting your mind. Give me your mind let me format itsContinue reading “Unleash you to paradise”