I saw value

I saw value
what a charm!
I stared at value
with deep thoughts;
in my aspirations,
what do I value?
My people,
what are my values?
It made me reflect
and gave me a gauge
with which to know my value.

If a child washes his hands…

We stopped washing our hands
so we ate with peasants
the type with hygiene issues
And the consequence was our health.

“If a child washes his hands he could eat with kings.”
– Chinua Achebe

Someone’s Someone

Have you stopped to ponder
that he could be someone’s father
with kids needing affection
someone’s son
the pride of his mother
someone’s partner
all that love and laughter
someone’s friend
a trusted adviser.

What if you wore the shoes
of the kids
or the robe of his mother
to feel the intensity of emotions;
Held his hands
like his partner would
or sought for his ears
like a friend needing to talk
would that help give perspective
on how you treat him?

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