Why the good die young

If the good die young
then what’s the essence of good?
Is it but drops of water
in the mouth of the thirsty
so much that they yearn
but never completely get quenched?

Is the objective to create a balance
between good and evil,
so the people never completely drift
and become numb to the goodness in good
that one day they wake
and find good as plain as white sheet;
totally oblivious to the feel-good that arises
from feeling good; created by the good.

Perhaps the good die young
just like the music changes rhythm and pitch
to create the punctuation
that highlights a clear distinction
between good and evil
so much that the choice is made obvious
for the people to choose.

Inspired by Nujabes‘ work: Luv(sic)- the series. RIP.

Green in your eyes

Image Credit: Google Image
Image Credit: Google Image

You believe the grass is greener?
I asked a friend
who had told me
he was jumping the fence
to move to the other yard
where the cow’s mouth
never stopped chewing.
Convinced in his ways,
he laced his shoes
and was heading to the fence
as a first step of execution.
What he failed to understand
was that the cow’s constant chewing
was mostly from regurgitation
and had nothing to do
with the other yard’s grass being greener.

Submitted for Thursday Poets Rally.Week 82. 

New thing

Photo Credit: Asma Baker
Photo Credit: Asma Baker

New thing came
and overwhelmed the emotions
for old one;
dwarfing it in the process.

But old thing had feelings too
so it cried;
seeing no shoulder to lean on
it dried its own tears.

Only to move on
to become new thing to another;
making the old thing shed same tears
that repeats the cycle.

Submitted for Thursday Poets Rally, Week 81.

365 makes Valentine’s day

Photo by: Hotblack
Photo by: Hotblack

If I show my special love on this day
shouldn’t it raise your suspicion
that if my love can escalate to this height
on this date we choose to distinguish
then why can’t it be sustained
for the rest of the 364 that makes an annum?
Or is it that this height can only be attained
once in a calendar year;
or you don’t deserve an all-year special-love;
or is it just a band we wear
to fit into the wagon of the day?
Bear in mind I hold no fuss
I just believe when it comes to loving you
I want to give my special all the time
not just one day in a long while.

Happy Valentine’s day. 🙂

The DJ’s wife

Image Credit: Diego Buonanno
Image Credit: Diego Buonanno

She was alone by the bar
in a crowded dance hall.
Wondering how a woman so pretty
could be in the company of loneliness,
I walked up to her
with smile so warm as blanket
in a cold winter night.
She initially looked stuck in her track;
later we went to the smoking room
sharing a stick and heartily chatting.
Then I pulled her close and kissed her
she held me affectionately and kissed me back.
The tenderness of her lips felt like magic
which made me wonder even more
how she hadn’t been taken.
When I proposed we meet again
she smiled and politely refused
for she had to go back in
where her husband, the DJ,
was playing the music
that had kept us all
on our feet all night.
I swear I didn’t know
she was the DJ’s wife
I would never mean to hurt
the source of such merriment.

Submitted for Thursday Poets Rally, Week 80. 

We shall rise

Image Credit: Letizia Giuffrida

In due time
the King emerged
to reclaim
lost throne
from defeat
and lead the troops
to regain lost lands
from the foes
who know nothing
but deceit.
As the King
rode to battle;
the people
the troops
and the King himself
had one thing
in mind
and it was…
“We shall rise.”

Happy New Year! 🙂

First published: June 2011
Revised: 2015