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I reach out to my friends but they turn and stare like what we shared
was inconsequential; something trivial. Yet, to me, this memories stay dear and, as at the time of creation, I thought the essence was clear.

There’s something about feedback – empowering, therapeutic. Don’t hold it back for it could make a world of difference to the receiver. That shirt is great? Give the wearer a feedback. You see the effort of that upcoming artist friend of yours? Pass them encouragement as feedback. The person next to you is reading a […]

“Appreciate people, loved ones, friends. Be human, feel.
Hold them, kiss.
For they are going, everyday.”

I have seen great men fallFrom the pinnacleOf their prestige Tumbling aimlesslyTo an eventual crash On brutal surface. Quietly I observed Swallowed in my thoughts – wonderingIs it that life can be so cruelOr great men too can be careless? In my heart I say a prayerMay we retire with our shine.  Image Credit: Emmanuel Inok aka Emazone