A dreamer’s tale

He reached heaven’s gate where earthly talents abound. All his life he had wanted to be a genius. Einstein, Nostradamus, a huge name in humanity. Through series of persistent doubts and life-falters, he finally found his feet and paved his own way; believing and hoping the next day that breaks would bring him closer toContinue reading “A dreamer’s tale”

Watch my Eagles fly

It was the season again when potent birds retired to their nest to lay the eggs of their toil. This was a season the bird community looked forward to for the variation in harvest of potent birds. Yet, this was also a period when gossip birds clustered at corners ridiculing and laughing at their objects.Continue reading “Watch my Eagles fly”


The rose that grew on concrete could have been just another seed thrown probably on a random without the intention of making it grow. It landed on concrete; an infertile soil with┬áno chance to germinate yet the rose that grew on concrete worked its way against all odds to sprout from toddler until a roseContinue reading “Destined”

Lest we forget

When you rise to that dizzying height where everything below look like an army of ants, remember not too long ago – or at least in this lifetime you were once at the base stretching out to make a strong grip reaching out for whatever support that may be and hoping the bars stay stillContinue reading “Lest we forget”

Scattered by the sea

In due time life took each and everyone of them like the sea collects the land. Picking up everything from the base and scattering them across its massiveness. But they were gems and as they distributed, they spread across the lands. Each with a mission to plant and germinate; sprout and radiate – beauties toContinue reading “Scattered by the sea”

Today is pregnant

Tomorrow remained in her stomach swollen like a pregnant goat bulging per second like the next bulge will burst her skin and spill the content. She coordinated herself like it wasn’t a burden she bore. Shadows faded, darkness prevailed she went into labor, tomorrow is born a healthy child. First published: 2011 Revised: 2013

Goddess without a heaven

I could swear I had seen you a million times, to exaggerate. But did you notice? Maybe not. For I was in the shadow lurking figuring a perfect timing to upload my intent like you download apps on your tablet Hoping one day You’d swipe through like you do those gadgets that fill up yourContinue reading “Goddess without a heaven”