A new Sun

Today a new sun rises
from the east of despair
after a night of crises
that looked beyond repair.

From the east of despair
piles of broken hopes
that looked beyond repair
was fixed back into the scope.

Piles of broken hopes,
although looked redundant
was fixed back into the scope
for never was it considered insignificant.

Although looked redundant
faith held and stayed strong
for never was it considered insignificant
despite all seeming wrong.

Faith held and stayed strong
above all the night’s crises
despite all seeming wrong
today a new sun rises.

My first attempt at a Pantoum. Inspired by Mair.

18 thoughts on “A new Sun

  1. Very good, sir. Viewed from phone and between all of those RL chores, so I haven’t allowed it to marinate – nor have I had a chance to explore the site. Be that as it may, I like it. Of course you know that I (blackstarr_) shall return. V.

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