Smoother criminal.

Kate walked into Long Bar, she was on a date with James. A beautiful woman with class, it was no surprise to see her overwhelm the place. Her beauty was radiant, even men with dates couldn’t help but steal a glance.

James on the other hand, being a pompous bloke, couldn’t bring his head from the clouds with the sensation his date was causing. He walked majestically towards the table they’d reserved, grabbed a couple of seats for both of them, and ordered the waiter.

Michael, seated at a corner in the same bar, had been staring at her since they both came in; monitoring her every move and plotting a coup. A chronic womanizer, he hardly lets anything on skirt pass without making a move. He was also quite successful from his records.

In trying to impress, James had ordered several bottles of champagne and was popping them randomly, attracting eyes and more eyes on them. He was a materialistic man and loved to flaunt his riches. Glasses got emptied and refilled until the alcohol began to take its toll; starting by ordering Kate to the restroom.

Michael who had been patiently waiting didn’t lose sight of the opportunity to talk to her alone. He quickly followed up and positioned at the entrance of the restroom, waiting for her to be through. On stepping out, she heard a deep masculine voice nicely say “hey”. She turned around and beheld the charming smile of Michael. Of course he was handsome and almost irresistible. Minutes later, he was saving her number on his phone while she walked back to her table as if ignorant of the brief dialogue that just happened minutes earlier at the entrance of the restroom.

James took her home that night with the satisfaction a man gets from a successful date, probably hoping to build on it. But he was to be proven wrong as the next weekend she was out again, this time with Michael. Although Michael himself felt like a smooth criminal, little did he know she changes them like clothes.

Submitted for Poetry Picnic.

Written: 2010
Revised: 2013.

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