A dreamer’s tale

He reached heaven’s gate where earthly talents abound. All his life he had wanted to be a genius. Einstein, Nostradamus, a huge name in humanity. Through series of persistent doubts and life-falters, he finally found his feet and paved his own way; believing and hoping the next day that breaks would bring him closer toContinue reading “A dreamer’s tale”

Smoother criminal.

Kate walked into Long Bar, she was on a date with James. A beautiful woman with class, it was no surprise to see her overwhelm the place. Her beauty was radiant, even men with dates couldn’t help but steal a glance. James on the other hand, being a pompous bloke, couldn’t bring his head fromContinue reading “Smoother criminal.”


Word on the street, a black Man is in town. Who is he looking for? What does he want? Curious minds chatter trying to network to find an answer with consensus. Oh! he makes first contact with one of the ladies and it is assumed he is a womanizer. A bad impression is spread; plansContinue reading “Misconception”