365 makes Valentine’s day

If I show my special love on this day shouldn’t it raise your suspicion that if my love can escalate to this height on this date we choose to distinguish then why can’t it be sustained for the rest of the 364 that makes an annum? Or is it that this height can only beContinue reading “365 makes Valentine’s day”

The Pigeon Model

As a young boy growing up in an era where computers and technology were yet to gain a foothold on humanity, games and activities required a lot of creative thinking. Thankfully, I had brothers who shared in my quest for adventure and exploration and with them I got involved in a number of indoor andContinue reading “The Pigeon Model”


I gave my heart to the birds and watched them feed graciously on it; ripping it apart and gulping the blood that spewed. I threw my heart on the highway while watching the trucks climb over it with speed; splattering it everywhere with no hope of repair. I spat my heart from my mouth intoContinue reading “Heart-less”

Men get hurt too

They say only a woman’s heart bleed but I say that is a biased way of looking at a relationship. Indeed women are more likely to express themselves in relationships than their male counterparts but that doesn’t mean love don’t burn in the heart of a Man. In some cases, it burns even more. ItContinue reading “Men get hurt too”

Let’s pretend

I hear love calls and see excitement, once a broken home automatically repaired to celebrate love that was lost and still not found. Hampers change hands sweet words fly latent motive remains hidden until the candle light goes off and both are slipped under the sheet for a night of love practice and making onlyContinue reading “Let’s pretend”

Once broken, twice shy

In love I’ve been deceived left at the altar and seriously bruised. It hurt so bad and left me breathless. I wept as my heart shattered I wondered how love could have such paradox I mean the “bitter-sweet” paradox. I swore to never love again not even to conceive the thought. Just live and achieveContinue reading “Once broken, twice shy”