Guilt killed me.

Guilt killed me since yesterday. My body managed to crawl with the last life of a headless chicken into today to tell her I don’t deserve it. Depleted, dehydrated, all deserved; eyes dilated, conscience concentrated; clothe in old scarf. I looked at her the one I call my woman afraid of the scar the wordsContinue reading “Guilt killed me.”

Who is the cheat?

Men claim women are more susceptible to cheat; women assume it is only natural for men to cheat. The accusation and counter-accusation goes on and on and sometimes deepens into a war of the sexes – for those on the extremes – as much as it deviates from the entire goal of trying to exposeContinue reading “Who is the cheat?”

Men get hurt too

They say only a woman’s heart bleed but I say that is a biased way of looking at a relationship. Indeed women are more likely to express themselves in relationships than their male counterparts but that doesn’t mean love don’t burn in the heart of a Man. In some cases, it burns even more. ItContinue reading “Men get hurt too”

Wasted years

Seated in the cathedral where her wedding would take place, I was one of the first attendants because I wanted to be sure the wedding invitation was not one of her pranks to get me started. Late comers were still settling in as the ceremony was about to start. Poor me, with old suit inheritedContinue reading “Wasted years”

The Heart Analysis

The Woman’s heart is like clay all you have to do is melt and mould it to the shape and size you want then choose your design. The Man’s heart on the other hand is like a Potter’s mind. Different Potters have different ideas and thoughts on their intended design. To get an equilibrium, theContinue reading “The Heart Analysis”