Giver of Light

  Giver of light shine light my way so I don’t trip on this dark, rocky path I tread. My vision is good but my sight is useless so my intuition I activate. Giver of light shine light on me so my sight becomes useful to complement my intuition and give me a great visionContinue reading “Giver of Light”

Live Now

If someday my tear duct dry up and tears can’t spill no more to show the extent I bleed within or the excesses of joy that overwhelms me from the marrow, don’t let the shock grip you but know tomorrow wasn’t mine to see. For it is only greed that makes us claim what isn’t oursContinue reading “Live Now”

From ashes to new

I punctured my heart. How could I? How could I? How could I do such a thing? I should have let sleeping dogs lie; but was it wrong to be optimistic and coated in confidence, ignoring a second thought of ‘what if’? …Perhaps! Here it bleeds fire that burns a cavity in my soul throwingContinue reading “From ashes to new”

Bigger and Stronger

As I look at paths I’ve thread I see million stumbles and thousand mistakes that instead of pull me down put spring in my shoes to enable me sprint to greater height and wiser sight remixing my stupidity to make sense finally so that I rise bigger and stronger. *For those of you that willContinue reading “Bigger and Stronger”