Wrongful Conviction

You allowed your insecurity sentence you to a penitentiary with high walls of fears and self-esteem threadbare. How you were able to summon such verdict the most sophisticated algorithm cannot predict but you ran away into cold night your argument being my arm didn’t feel right; that would have been easy to understand if itContinue reading “Wrongful Conviction”


Image Credit: Surya Zaidan But if we crash let my body float like a feather effortlessly in synch with the wind aimlessly as fast as it blows fearlessly wherever we may go. For I lost fear the moment I realised death was coming anyway today or tomorrow, any day Sooner or later, but definite. SoContinue reading “Roller-coaster”

Our kite took flight

Image Credit:  Jasmin Merdan   I remember it started with endless hours seated on hard floor in the midst of dirt and friends collecting tools and improvising constructing through what we were visualizing It was the enthusiasm of the end goal that drove us on even when our time was interrupted by parent’s call for dinner weContinue reading “Our kite took flight”

Drilling to the core

Underneath the hard shell we are delicate like snail Meek as a dove and sweet like honey from bee A mild stroke, a warm hug A generous smile is all it takes to see the surface melt like chocolate and that mask fly off like chaff. 5 years ago today, this blog was created.  ImageContinue reading “Drilling to the core”


The problem is that the make-up is blinding The issue being I can’t see you. You ran away from natural Because you feared earthly was dirty So you bask in artificial powder Which makes you sparkle in daylight But to be washed down In night-time shower To bring you down to the same earth. IContinue reading “Masquerade”

Scattered by the sea

In due time life took each and everyone of them like the sea collects the land. Picking up everything from the base and scattering them across its massiveness. But they were gems and as they distributed, they spread across the lands. Each with a mission to plant and germinate; sprout and radiate – beauties toContinue reading “Scattered by the sea”