Who is the cheat?

Men claim women are more susceptible to cheat; women assume it is only natural for men to cheat. The accusation and counter-accusation goes on and on and sometimes deepens into a war of the sexes – for those on the extremes – as much as it deviates from the entire goal of trying to exposeContinue reading “Who is the cheat?”

Human nature.

It’s easy to promise love till kingdom come unfaltering endearing rock-solid as strong as words. But for how long can promises be kept without faltering or breaking or letting tears roll until they freeze? Perhaps those components make love in itself which then shouldn’t be a promise of perfection but of absorption and acceptance of theContinue reading “Human nature.”

Smoother criminal.

Kate walked into Long Bar, she was on a date with James. A beautiful woman with class, it was no surprise to see her overwhelm the place. Her beauty was radiant, even men with dates couldn’t help but steal a glance. James on the other hand, being a pompous bloke, couldn’t bring his head fromContinue reading “Smoother criminal.”

5 seconds out of time

Was it a gold coated heartbreak I mistook for love on a diamond platter? This funny life of mystery will never unfold its secrets so we can see the choices and its consequences instead of jumping into a ditch and all you’ll hear is “you shoulda been careful” but how can mistakes be avoided whenContinue reading “5 seconds out of time”

The Heart Analysis

The Woman’s heart is like clay all you have to do is melt and mould it to the shape and size you want then choose your design. The Man’s heart on the other hand is like a Potter’s mind. Different Potters have different ideas and thoughts on their intended design. To get an equilibrium, theContinue reading “The Heart Analysis”

The Novel Man Ruined Us

Now I’m a liar a cheat a pretender a shit do you remember my plea for us to be in peace like it is at the bank of the sea where the cool breeze blows softly or roughly sometimes; whispering sweet melody to listening ears like the trees’ But a chance I wasn’t given toContinue reading “The Novel Man Ruined Us”