Let’s pretend

I hear love calls and see excitement, once a broken home automatically repaired to celebrate love that was lost and still not found. Hampers change hands sweet words fly latent motive remains hidden until the candle light goes off and both are slipped under the sheet for a night of love practice and making onlyContinue reading “Let’s pretend”

And I told her

I know my heart cannot be opened to confirm if the words that flow out of my mouth are genuine but the look in my eyes would bear me witness when I say I love you! For you bring out the sweetness in me like how the juice maker squeezes out the juice from oranges.Continue reading “And I told her”

Wasted years

Seated in the cathedral where her wedding would take place, I was one of the first attendants because I wanted to be sure the wedding invitation was not one of her pranks to get me started. Late comers were still settling in as the ceremony was about to start. Poor me, with old suit inheritedContinue reading “Wasted years”

Once broken, twice shy

In love I’ve been deceived left at the altar and seriously bruised. It hurt so bad and left me breathless. I wept as my heart shattered I wondered how love could have such paradox I mean the “bitter-sweet” paradox. I swore to never love again not even to conceive the thought. Just live and achieveContinue reading “Once broken, twice shy”