If you know the meaning of forgiveness you will understand that my heart bleeds from my numerous iniquities and my apologies are sincere and true. If you know the meaning of forgiveness you will understand though I erred, that is no longer important considering the fact that I accept and apologize. If you know the meaning ofContinue reading “Forgiveness”

5 seconds out of time

Was it a gold coated heartbreak I mistook for love on a diamond platter? This funny life of mystery will never unfold its secrets so we can see the choices and its consequences instead of jumping into a ditch and all you’ll hear is “you shoulda been careful” but how can mistakes be avoided whenContinue reading “5 seconds out of time”

Count Your Blessings

On the stairway she sat weeping, wondering, thinking and saying to herself “what is living if the ones we live to share our lives with will be leaving without bothering if their absence will hurt or checking if their presence is vital.” Then I walked up to her saying “The choice of counting our blessingsContinue reading “Count Your Blessings”

The Heart Analysis

The Woman’s heart is like clay all you have to do is melt and mould it to the shape and size you want then choose your design. The Man’s heart on the other hand is like a Potter’s mind. Different Potters have different ideas and thoughts on their intended design. To get an equilibrium, theContinue reading “The Heart Analysis”