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The rose that grew on concrete could have been just another seed thrown probably on a random without the intention of making it grow. It landed on concrete; an infertile soil with no chance to germinate yet the rose that grew on concrete worked its way against all odds to sprout from toddler until a rose […]

There are two types of change At each of life’s junctions; The change in your personality – like from bad to good and the changes your personality make in the metamorphosis process – like from caterpillar to butterfly or from duckling to swan. The former being a move from the initial life path to a […]

If someday my tear duct dry up and tears can’t spill no more to show the extent I bleed within or the excesses of joy that overwhelms me from the marrow, don’t let the shock grip you but know tomorrow wasn’t mine to see. For it is only greed that makes us claim what isn’t ours […]

Driven by the quest to reach the sun’s crest I closed my eyes for few secs and pictured loneliness. I had dropped everything down there even the ones I held dear climbing and being driven to climb more enjoying each set of new lore. Forgetting the gap I was creating from the distance that emerged; propelled […]

On this road of life that feels like a maze You run into dead ends, realize, make u-turns and try to find the right path but it depends on the kind of dead end you run into. While some are easy to make a reverse and keep going others will get you stuck for a […]

On my back my cross laid I must carry to the relief point where the price is paid and burdens burnt. Don’t cry for me, instead balance your loss for my thought is to be free and yours should be bearing your cross. The cross, at different times we bear when yours is heavier, I’ll […]

If you know the meaning of forgiveness you will understand that my heart bleeds from my numerous iniquities and my apologies are sincere and true. If you know the meaning of forgiveness you will understand though I erred, that is no longer important considering the fact that I accept and apologize. If you know the meaning of […]