The Beauty In Rejection

In being rejected I looked to understand what stood me out for immediate condemnation; I observed the populace their ways and formation I sized up the judge well enough to see he could budge for even as he sat in his chambers I was convinced he wasn’t without blunders I studied the dynamics; rites thatContinue reading “The Beauty In Rejection”


Loving kindness protect you wherever you are whatever you do; keep you safe like a baby in the mother’s arms; show you love undiluted like the universe; prevent you from fears and negativity, the type that creeps in at night to kill the soul in the morning. Loving mercy forgive you forgive me too forgiveContinue reading “Meditation”

Lest we forget

When you rise to that dizzying height where everything below look like an army of ants, remember not too long ago – or at least in this lifetime you were once at the base stretching out to make a strong grip reaching out for whatever support that may be and hoping the bars stay stillContinue reading “Lest we forget”

Metaphor for a Lover

Beautiful seed Oh! You woman; Thy flowers adorn Like lilies of the valley Splashed with colors of roses Tender like hibiscus petals With Queen of the night fragrance. I behold thy tenderness Gaze at your beautiful pattern And drown in your smell With no superlative to measure. I fall in love over and over againContinue reading “Metaphor for a Lover”

And I told her

I know my heart cannot be opened to confirm if the words that flow out of my mouth are genuine but the look in my eyes would bear me witness when I say I love you! For you bring out the sweetness in me like how the juice maker squeezes out the juice from oranges.Continue reading “And I told her”

Uncommon Sense

Who would have thought the thick black liquid underneath the earth or somewhere in the deep seas with a smell that makes me want to puke can be tapped and refined into a commodity the world will depend on; dictating world economies showing the extent of human greed determining earth’s health causing conflicts in communitiesContinue reading “Uncommon Sense”

Unleash you to paradise

Give me your ears let me tell you a secret that will trigger your senses enlighten your thoughts arouse your appetite and open your eyes. Give me your eyes let me remove the speck that prevents you from seeing paradise wide and clear; thereby corrupting your mind. Give me your mind let me format itsContinue reading “Unleash you to paradise”