The rose that grew on concrete could have been just another seed thrown probably on a random without the intention of making it grow. It landed on concrete; an infertile soil with no chance to germinate yet the rose that grew on concrete worked its way against all odds to sprout from toddler until a roseContinue reading “Destined”

Giver of Light

  Giver of light shine light my way so I don’t trip on this dark, rocky path I tread. My vision is good but my sight is useless so my intuition I activate. Giver of light shine light on me so my sight becomes useful to complement my intuition and give me a great visionContinue reading “Giver of Light”

12 over 12

I returned to my cubicle to create a bubble in which I’ll breathe fire to consume the demon on my back that wouldn’t let me keep focus in the direction of the light which shineth in me and shineth through in rays of golden sparkles – delightful, like it should be. Eyes fixed but mindContinue reading “12 over 12”

Warrior mentality

The heart does not break two times Man doesn’t die twice Once fallen The next sight of a fall Is no more threatening Instead more strength Is invoked To prevent an unpleasant Déjà vu And as each sets of strength replenishes The fears are dismissed The mind is set free And the soul marches forwardContinue reading “Warrior mentality”