Let’s pretend

I hear love calls and see excitement, once a broken home automatically repaired to celebrate love that was lost and still not found. Hampers change hands sweet words fly latent motive remains hidden until the candle light goes off and both are slipped under the sheet for a night of love practice and making onlyContinue reading “Let’s pretend”


He played pic-a-boobs with her breast like a pianist fiddling the keyboard looking for that perfect note to raise the symphony and excite the brain causing “loose-control” thereby poor security to the gateway of the paradise that lie between her legs. As he did signals traveled fast; faster than the speed of light, spreading legsContinue reading ““Sin-phony””

And I told her

I know my heart cannot be opened to confirm if the words that flow out of my mouth are genuine but the look in my eyes would bear me witness when I say I love you! For you bring out the sweetness in me like how the juice maker squeezes out the juice from oranges.Continue reading “And I told her”

Poetry is…

Poetry is you Poetry is me Poetry’s the hue our mind’s eyes see. Poetry is abstract as much as it attracts your sense of reading to the poet’s ideas written. Poetry’s the child of brains run wild Poetry is anything that conjures words to meaning. Poetry is wings fly away at will explore horizons reachContinue reading “Poetry is…”

Uncommon Sense

Who would have thought the thick black liquid underneath the earth or somewhere in the deep seas with a smell that makes me want to puke can be tapped and refined into a commodity the world will depend on; dictating world economies showing the extent of human greed determining earth’s health causing conflicts in communitiesContinue reading “Uncommon Sense”