365 makes Valentine’s day

If I show my special love on this day shouldn’t it raise your suspicion that if my love can escalate to this height on this date we choose to distinguish then why can’t it be sustained for the rest of the 364 that makes an annum? Or is it that this height can only beContinue reading “365 makes Valentine’s day”

Drama queen

Image Credit: Customized Girl¬† You are always on stage plotting the next move to wow the audience, or you do even think them? Yet the same audience you feel inclined to hold to your drama-hook you seem disconnected from to understand they’re really fed-up of the drama that makes you a queen. Submitted for theContinue reading “Drama queen”

We shall rise

Image Credit:¬†Letizia Giuffrida In due time the King emerged to reclaim lost throne from defeat and lead the troops to regain lost lands from the foes who know nothing but deceit. As the King rode to battle; the people the troops and the King himself had one thing in mind and it was… “We shallContinue reading “We shall rise”


Loving kindness protect you wherever you are whatever you do; keep you safe like a baby in the mother’s arms; show you love undiluted like the universe; prevent you from fears and negativity, the type that creeps in at night to kill the soul in the morning. Loving mercy forgive you forgive me too forgiveContinue reading “Meditation”

Watch my Eagles fly

It was the season again when potent birds retired to their nest to lay the eggs of their toil. This was a season the bird community looked forward to for the variation in harvest of potent birds. Yet, this was also a period when gossip birds clustered at corners ridiculing and laughing at their objects.Continue reading “Watch my Eagles fly”

No strings attached

Image Credit: Typhanie Fix this, change that you want to control every part tell me how to chart the course that directs my path. It’s not like I’m your puppet clearly not! You don’t think that way but the way you blow your trumpet with persistence to have the last say leaves much in retrospectContinue reading “No strings attached”