Seven deadly sins

On the high throne the judge sits about to pass verdict for sins commit. Her name is called and I’m the issue “Remember when you lied?” the Judge counted “promised you’ll love him deceive him to believe cheat on him in secrecy lavish his cash file a divorce and took all his wealth Remember?” SheContinue reading “Seven deadly sins”

Unleash you to paradise

Give me your ears let me tell you a secret that will trigger your senses enlighten your thoughts arouse your appetite and open your eyes. Give me your eyes let me remove the speck that prevents you from seeing paradise wide and clear; thereby corrupting your mind. Give me your mind let me format itsContinue reading “Unleash you to paradise”

God bless the Writer

I sit in my study hands on my keyboard with a sudden rush of words flowing from my head to my fingers. I study each word and see infinite ways I could pass messages, then I smiled and said to myself “God bless the Writer.” Dedicated to all the Writers who participate in One ShotContinue reading “God bless the Writer”

Once broken, twice shy

In love I’ve been deceived left at the altar and seriously bruised. It hurt so bad and left me breathless. I wept as my heart shattered I wondered how love could have such paradox I mean the “bitter-sweet” paradox. I swore to never love again not even to conceive the thought. Just live and achieveContinue reading “Once broken, twice shy”

Like mountain and beaches

She’s dressed in righteousness as high as mountains and as wide as beaches not because she is made of righteousness as high as mountains and as wide as beaches but because they want to see righteousness as high as mountains and as wide as beaches so righteousness as high as mountains and as wide asContinue reading “Like mountain and beaches”

Monday Poem

It’s Monday again another week to draw inspiration build on last week’s gain and break from failure’s depression. Rise to the week’s test and put up your best Add work to faith and never run late. It’s Monday again another day to rise and shine Have a splendid day with lots of smile. 🙂 InContinue reading “Monday Poem”