From ashes to new

I punctured my heart. How could I? How could I? How could I do such a thing? I should have let sleeping dogs lie; but was it wrong to be optimistic and coated in confidence, ignoring a second thought of ‘what if’? …Perhaps! Here it bleeds fire that burns a cavity in my soul throwingContinue reading “From ashes to new”

Warrior mentality

The heart does not break two times Man doesn’t die twice Once fallen The next sight of a fall Is no more threatening Instead more strength Is invoked To prevent an unpleasant Déjà vu And as each sets of strength replenishes The fears are dismissed The mind is set free And the soul marches forwardContinue reading “Warrior mentality”

Featured Writer: Jessica Kristie

Hi Everyone, Today I host a very exquisite Writer, Jessica Kristie, and she talks about her writing development as well as her forth coming book…enjoy the read. Who is Jessica Kristie? Thank you for having me today! I am a California girl, born and raised, and have always lived in the Bay Area. I thinkContinue reading “Featured Writer: Jessica Kristie”


In the chamber of thoughts the prophet the teacher the explorer and the wise man sat brain storming trying to define life and what it is about. The prophet viewed life like a powerless entity controlled by a more powerful being. The teacher refused and said life is a school with experience its teacher. TheContinue reading “Capish?”

Bigger and Stronger

As I look at paths I’ve thread I see million stumbles and thousand mistakes that instead of pull me down put spring in my shoes to enable me sprint to greater height and wiser sight remixing my stupidity to make sense finally so that I rise bigger and stronger. *For those of you that willContinue reading “Bigger and Stronger”