Today is pregnant

Tomorrow remained in her stomach swollen like a pregnant goat bulging per second like the next bulge will burst her skin and spill the content. She coordinated herself like it wasn’t a burden she bore. Shadows faded, darkness prevailed she went into labor, tomorrow is born a healthy child. First published: 2011 Revised: 2013

Colin Pither: From hospital beds to mountain top

Colin Pither on the summit of Mont Blanc, France. Photo: Francois-Xavier Des Ruydts Standing on the summit of Mont Blanc, its shadow dominant in the sky, with a sea of cloud 1000 metres below or cycling an average of 100 kilometres for seventy days straight in a cross-Europe tour, from Lisbon to Istanbul, paints aContinue reading “Colin Pither: From hospital beds to mountain top”

Live Now

If someday my tear duct dry upĀ and tears can’t spill no more to show the extent I bleed within or the excesses of joy that overwhelms me from the marrow, don’t let the shock grip you but know tomorrow wasn’t mine to see. For it is only greed that makes us claim what isn’t oursContinue reading “Live Now”

Mojito: A lesson from Barcelona.

Chilling on the beach of Barceloneta, Catalunya, a beautiful sunny day with the temperature just right. A hawker walked past me, touting his product not too differently from the one I’m familiar with on the traffic lights of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Of course, he wasn’t the only one. As a matter of fact, there wereContinue reading “Mojito: A lesson from Barcelona.”

Valentine’s day medley.

The usual pre-Valentine’s day buzz had kicked-in in Port-Harcourt. I already knew it got to these people so I tried to downplay it in order not to feel it; not believing in it. Monday morning, 13th February 2012, I was still constructing a perfect antidote to successfully go through Tuesday without the depressive externalities fromContinue reading “Valentine’s day medley.”

Human nature.

It’s easy to promise love till kingdom come unfaltering endearing rock-solid as strong as words. But for how long can promises be kept without faltering or breaking or letting tears roll until they freeze? Perhaps thoseĀ components make love in itself which then shouldn’t be a promise of perfection but of absorption and acceptance of theContinue reading “Human nature.”