A freeman once said…

“Why should I walk around a slave when there is plenty of space for me to roam and live a free life without being supervised or directed in the manner another man requires? Why should I be under you when I can paint my sky blue in the way and manner I choose to andContinue reading “A freeman once said…”


The rose that grew on concrete could have been just another seed thrown probably on a random without the intention of making it grow. It landed on concrete; an infertile soil with no chance to germinate yet the rose that grew on concrete worked its way against all odds to sprout from toddler until a roseContinue reading “Destined”

Lest we forget

When you rise to that dizzying height where everything below look like an army of ants, remember not too long ago – or at least in this lifetime you were once at the base stretching out to make a strong grip reaching out for whatever support that may be and hoping the bars stay stillContinue reading “Lest we forget”

Giver of Light

  Giver of light shine light my way so I don’t trip on this dark, rocky path I tread. My vision is good but my sight is useless so my intuition I activate. Giver of light shine light on me so my sight becomes useful to complement my intuition and give me a great visionContinue reading “Giver of Light”

Drilling to the core

Underneath the hard shell we are delicate like snail Meek as a dove and sweet like honey from bee A mild stroke, a warm hug A generous smile is all it takes to see the surface melt like chocolate and that mask fly off like chaff. 5 years ago today, this blog was created.  ImageContinue reading “Drilling to the core”

Delta Y(ou)

There are two types of change At each of life’s junctions; The change in your personality – like from bad to good and the changes your personality make in the metamorphosis process – like from caterpillar to butterfly or from duckling to swan. The former being a move from the initial life path to aContinue reading “Delta Y(ou)”

The denominator

  I journeyed across lands and valleys Above seas and highlands Mixing with people in their core diversities Exhibiting their most basic naturality In languages they called mother-tongue; But in the depth of their variations I realised love was a common feat That propelled from the innermost of their circles.