We Used To Be Humans

Days fly by like flying cars you’d almost forget there was an era when time was a little slower and a month felt like two quarters. We were more natural back then more like humans the pain sometimes looked insurmountable but the tears were cathartic. Then, I could look into your eyes and feel yourContinue reading “We Used To Be Humans”

One Question

At 65, Pa knew everything; how the universe works, the dynamics of humanity and the propeller of greed of corporations. His wisdom was clear as summer morning his words crisp; couldn’t be mistaken. He narrated the ordeals of the people their plight – in a chronological timeline. Emotions were evoked, listening ears froze, the mindContinue reading “One Question”

Factory Rejects

I pause to wonder about the others Like the cow without a tail With nothing to drive away the flies That persistently hover and perch Leaving frustration and irritation that eventually has to be gotten used to Because unlike the rest of them There is no tail to swipe and swat the irritants. What compensatesContinue reading “Factory Rejects”

The Beauty In Rejection

In being rejected I looked to understand what stood me out for immediate condemnation; I observed the populace their ways and formation I sized up the judge well enough to see he could budge for even as he sat in his chambers I was convinced he wasn’t without blunders I studied the dynamics; rites thatContinue reading “The Beauty In Rejection”

Why the good die young

If the good die young then what’s the essence of good? Is it but drops of water in the mouth of the thirsty so much that they yearn but never completely get quenched? Is the objective to create a balance between good and evil, so the people never completely drift and become numb to theContinue reading “Why the good die young”