Last night at the Urban Spree Santiago, lived in Mexico, told me about the Jacarnad√° trees… [Read More]

In my dreamI met my heroIt was electric.I immediately wanted to singall his praise.Although he acknowledged me He remarked I was too excited.To me it was a wake-up callNobody should be glorified to the point we lose ourselves in it. I woke up with a more balanced view Heroes are heroesbut heroes bleed like we […]

“Appreciate people, loved ones, friends. Be human, feel.
Hold them, kiss.
For they are going, everyday.”

I have seen great men fallFrom the pinnacleOf their prestige Tumbling aimlesslyTo an eventual crash On brutal surface. Quietly I observed Swallowed in my thoughts – wonderingIs it that life can be so cruelOr great men too can be careless? In my heart I say a prayerMay we retire with our shine.  Image Credit: Emmanuel Inok aka Emazone

A wise man once told me Everyone is replaceable And his words made sense But upon digesting them I thought again… Except my coco. She could never be replaced; Angel-soul, she protects me Peaceful energy, she soothes me Generous spirit, she provides for me When my energy runs low She charges me up When my […]

You called me useless because you presumed no usefulness in my make-up. You gauged my ability and concluded it doesn’t meet the required intensity you want to operate on. But the point in useless is being missed if useless is not seen for what it truly is, which is you used me less not because […]

I asked the man who proclaimed of phenomenal success ahead: Is it enough to fill yourself with hope Make empty prophesy built on quick-sand but with no work to back it up? Sure, we could go on sound like the preacher man and quote all of life’s motivation but if there’s no feasible road-map, all […]