About Lord

Lord Emmanuel is the synonym for a wise genius that studies the fine prints of humanity, picks up the messages and tells them in philosophical and poetic ways; drawing from a deep chest of vocabulary, thoughtful metaphors and smart word play to provoke thoughts.

An appreciation of the muse and the limitless horizon it can reach to gather words that finely arrange in bars and rhymes to amaze the mind of the reader and refresh the appreciation of the art – poetry. The relationship between the eyes that peruse and the fingers that holds the pen.

Lord Emmanuel is about writing that flows naturally, looks to tell a story and cause reasoning to run deep; passing messages through words to entertain, cause reflection, ponder, be amused, draw feelings…

A lighthouse that shines on words conjured, so that their magic transports the audience on a ride where the engine is propelled by the power of words and the destination is wherever your mind imagines.

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