About Lord Em

Lord Emmanuel is the pseudonym through which my pen unleashes the message as delivered from the muse. As a young boy growing up, I have always had a strong fascination for how words could be conjured to provoke emotions. So I grabbed a pen.

It started from scribbles then to stories with scattered plot with the intention of passing a message. Then it evolved to dictionary study to understand words meaning. And as I transformed through my journey, my inclination to logic and philosophy naturally weaved through my writing to create a unique style. One I call: philosophical poetry.

My muse mostly deliver messages around those elements of our existence that could easily pass unnoticed but when captured, provides intense realization – either in resonance or to trigger critical thinking on the matter.

My style of writing is mostly free verse, minimalist use of words; a love for metaphors and similes and with delivery in a narrator’s voice. This blog was created in 2009 to share my work beyond my notepad.