Internally Displaced People

They said if I have a country
And pledge allegiance to the flag
I will benefit from economic growth
and superior Purchasing Power Parity.

They said if I belong to a people
who share a common theme,
a sense of culture and nationalism
I’ll feel a strong fraternity.

But I have a country
with no place to call home,
a people I identify with
but to them I’m just a number.

That is why blood spilled
means nothing to the spiller
and my burnt home
is just another minor glitch.

Lord’s Note: Written in dedication to the internally displaced people in Nigeria brought about by religious and tribal unrest. Peace and light! 

Image Credit: Aris Messinis / AFP / Getty Images. 

One thought on “Internally Displaced People

  1. Poetry with a clear message sent to the world…. my thought is – Oh dear God , when will the Freedom bell ring again.

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