One Question

At 65, Pa knew everything;
how the universe works,
the dynamics of humanity
and the propeller of greed of corporations.
His wisdom was clear as summer morning
his words crisp; couldn’t be mistaken.
He narrated the ordeals of the people
their plight – in a chronological timeline.
Emotions were evoked, listening ears froze,
the mind of the audience took trips
immersed in deep thoughts
as Pa’s voice echoed like a talking drum.
But one mind in the crowd had a question,
scrambled to let out so he could speak up
managed to get to the centre where Pa sat
to pull the string of his whole gist.
The question was shot, ears raised to catch
and it went:
“Pa, with all this wisdom,
why didn’t you change a thing?”

Image Credit: RiverWilderness via Wunderground

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