Drama queen


Image Credit: Customized Girl 

You are always on stage
plotting the next move
to wow the audience,
or you do even think them?
Yet the same audience
you feel inclined to hold
to your drama-hook
you seem disconnected from
to understand they’re really fed-up
of the drama that makes you a queen.

Submitted for the Thursday Poets Rally Week 79.

15 thoughts on “Drama queen

  1. I was trying to make a comment on your newest DJ’s wife and the comment button is missing? and the like button does not appear to be working either. Just so you know. Maybe my computer? not sure?

    I did enjoy the read, of the DJ’s wife, even though I knew from the title – pretty much where it may go, Still the story and the main character ( who did not know) pulled me in and kept me in its grip to the very end. A good fast pace well written. Loved it.

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