We shall rise

Image Credit: Letizia Giuffrida

In due time
the King emerged
to reclaim
lost throne
from defeat
and lead the troops
to regain lost lands
from the foes
who know nothing
but deceit.
As the King
rode to battle;
the people
the troops
and the King himself
had one thing
in mind
and it was…
“We shall rise.”

Happy New Year! 🙂

First published: June 2011
Revised: 2015

11 thoughts on “We shall rise

  1. Very well.. so shall we!
    A very wishful message portrayed with your words..

    May you soon get to drink from the goblet of success!

    Hugs xxx

  2. Oh yeeesss!! And that’s what a true leader is made of!! And THAT is what unity is all about!

    Some awesome messages in this poem, Em… your writing really has power in it!

  3. Yes now a days the so called king
    Doesn’t do a thing
    But hide behind an army of lawyers and such
    As lifting a finger would be to much
    But rising hopefully will take place
    If the steps we retrace
    Nice one shot you showed today
    Here at your way

  4. you know – this is what i love about those kings..they lead their people in the battle – riding ahead of them…thinking of king david for example…nowadays things have changed and may it be good or bad – but i think it’s different when you follow your king..good write…and i wonder about your hair…smiles

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