A dreamer’s tale

Photo Credit: Lightwise

Photo Credit: Lightwise

He reached heaven’s gate where earthly talents abound. All his life he had wanted to be a genius. Einstein, Nostradamus, a huge name in humanity. Through series of persistent doubts and life-falters, he finally found his feet and paved his own way; believing and hoping the next day that breaks would bring him closer to his dreams.

Days rolled by, he kept on existing, believing, hoping and wanting tomorrow. Indeed a lot of tomorrows did he get until the one on his dying bed. His life flashed before his eyes. In disappointment his eyelids closed. Knowing he wasn’t going to open them again nor see another tomorrow, his heart heavied. He could have shed tears but his tear duct was dry. His brain blinked and within a split second of change in transmission, he found himself at heaven’s gate. Although a cozy place just as envisioned on earth, with its own routines, he still couldn’t comprehend how he lived his life dreaming.

He never became Einstein nor Nostradamus or even himself. His heart couldn’t take the pain anymore, he bursted out to the tour angel in tears, interrupting heaven’s tour for newbies. “Angel, angel!” he cried out, “I would love to see the archive for earthly talents.” He continued, beggingly. A little startled, the angel asked to know why. He told his dream and how it was never realized on earth.

At heaven’s gate where earthly talents abound, he was shown his earthly talent. A seed that was never sowed let alone germinate. His heart heavied again, in heaven.

First published: April 2012
Revised: 2014


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