Watch my Eagles fly

It was the season again
when potent birds
retired to their nest
to lay the eggs of their toil.
This was a season
the bird community looked forward to
for the variation in harvest
of potent birds.
Yet, this was also a period
when gossip birds
clustered at corners
ridiculing and laughing at their objects.
Little dirty bird with blemish
retired to her nest like the rest.
Of course she attracted gossip birds
who cheered at her sarcastically.
The season came and left
eggs of toil were laid and hatched
products were to be sampled
all but little dirty bird with blemish
came out with theirs.
While they were about to conclude
Little dirty bird with blemish
emerged with her produce;
they were bigger than the rest
stronger than the best
and more beautiful than the queen bird’s.
Then she said to the community
“When I was about to lay
You all were expecting to see pigeons
Now watch my eagles fly.”

Written for Writer’s Island Prompt, “Emerge”

Published: October 2010
Modified: 2014


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