The rose that grew on concrete

could have been just another seed

thrown probably on a random

without the intention of making it grow.

It landed on concrete;

an infertile soil

with no chance to germinate

yet the rose that grew on concrete

worked its way

against all odds to sprout

from toddler until a rose was born.

The rose that grew on concrete

could have been just another seed

thrown probably on a random

with no intention of watching it grow.

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38 thoughts on “Destined

  1. Roses have such a specific set of references so it sent me through the journey of my own symbols as well as the universal ones. I’m not sure, but think you may be British. I wonder if you meant it to symbolize the kingdom (UK) losing touch with its history and nature. Whatever, your many possible meanings, the poem seems to work on all levels. Well done. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  2. Really touching! Got me thinking in a really big way. The rarest rose is the one that blooms in the most unexpected of places. Very well written

  3. Wonderful one shot – a lot of depth here. Beautiful thoughts. It can be a struggle, but still, if we try, we might make our way. Lovely!

  4. i love it – how the rose made their way – against all difficulties – that’s how we should apporach life…really liked this – great one shot!

  5. Very cool imagery of the seed sprouting on concrete, the most inhospitable of places. The concern of the narrator being so focused on one small unexplained event (i.e. the seed and how it arrived) give the poem a good inner-strength that sends out a lot of emotion. Enjoyed reading your work, thanks for stopping by my site.


  6. Lovely. And in an urban area…..any seed sprouting is a sign of hope and redemption.

    Lady Nyo

  7. You actually spoke to my heart here…the rose that grew on concrete….very deep meaning in this for me Em…Wonderful and great for Oneshot!!! Hugs x

  8. Yep, I was just like that seed, randomly thrown onto concrete, fell into a crack.
    My seedling got caught in sandy mud, pushed under a sidewalk…and never came back!

    Really a nice, thoughtful One Shot, Emm.

    And some neat photos!

  9. Life is random, and environs not conducive to growth, yet still there are instances of beauty that do emerge. Inspiring thoughts. Nice One Shot, Em!

  10. she never realized the beauty she would exude in that concrete jungle.

    Nice Em. I sure hope you give us a sample of your poetry for our competition

    Moon hugs

  11. A lovely poem. Much beauty comes from seeds tossed away carelessly – made me think of the Talmud quote: “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’”

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