The problem is that the make-up is blinding
The issue being I can’t see you.
You ran away from natural
Because you feared earthly was dirty
So you bask in artificial powder
Which makes you sparkle in daylight
But to be washed down
In night-time shower
To bring you down to the same earth.
I try to tell you I can’t see you
Only to be left wondering
What a feast it is in powder-basking
when you ask me
how you do look

Image by: Phyllis Galembo.
Image by: Phyllis Galembo.


2 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. Love the message of this piece. How artificial beauty hides the natural beauty but is washed off which reveals the very thing she hides from and is. I love the line “I try to tell you I can’t see you” because it reveals a particular mindset that if she’s wearing make-up then she can’t be seen. He wants to see her as she is, not who she can turn into. At least that’s my take from it. Nice piece! Bravo!

  2. You are the master of capturing the human frailties inherent in the human condition, Oh the price we must pay for being sentient and self-conscious organisms on our way of becoming fully human and comfortable in our own skin.

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