Scattered by the sea

Image & copyright : Robert Kacpura

In due time
life took each
and everyone of them
like the sea collects the land.
Picking up everything
from the base
and scattering them
across its massiveness.
But they were gems
and as they distributed,
they spread across the lands.
Each with a mission
to plant and germinate;
sprout and radiate
– beauties to adore the earth.
As each drifted away from the other,
memories of the collective-shine
flashed in their minds
as if to say they didn’t want
the moments together to end.
But their mission to shine was greater,
further adding momentum to their drift
as the sea scattered them far and wide
to fill the earth’s pocket with gems.

Dedicated to MIB 34 of GEM.

One thought on “Scattered by the sea

  1. Love the photo, accompanied by a poem as deep and captivating as the sea itself.
    Each poem of yours gets better and better, ,,
    May this year bless you and bring love peace and great joy ,


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