Live Now

Photo: Penywise
Photo: Penywise

If someday my tear duct dry up and tears can’t spill no more to show the extent I bleed within or the excesses of joy that overwhelms me from the marrow, don’t let the shock grip you but know tomorrow wasn’t mine to see. For it is only greed that makes us claim what isn’t ours to be and in my lifetime I’ve striven to be selfless – paying my dues where necessary. If I err along the way; I’m only human, I still beg for forgiveness.

Carry on the trend, spread the message of which you are a vehicle of. For someday your bones shall freeze too and your soul evaporate with only a hard disk of memories. Be sure you shone and your corners ignited. For in this life of mysteries, we can only do our bit and while we’re at it, the best should be all we deem fit. In the end, when our bodies make less the critical mass, only our memories would linger. One piece with us; satisfaction or regrets, and the other with the people; legacy or shame. Live now.

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