Goddess without a heaven

descent-of-the-goddess-200I could swear
I had seen you
a million times, to exaggerate.
But did you notice?
Maybe not.
For I was in the shadow lurking
figuring a perfect timing
to upload my intent
like you download apps
on your tablet
Hoping one day
You’d swipe through
like you do those gadgets
that fill up your Fendi bag.

I could say
You are the one for me
But would you believe?
Probably not.
For those words fly by
day by day
from mouth of random men
oozing stale champagne;
So much that
value is evaporated
to leave you
a goddess without a heaven
to claim your kingdom.

What if I came across
humanely but truthful,
Won’t you rather take my hands?!
Knowing through it all
when those gadgets
are placed on marble table
with your Fendi bag put in glass rack
and the influence of champagne long gone
You’d be left alone
Wishfully thinking
you genuinely had strong hands
to work your heaven
and there was mine willing, with love.


Pour Ousha. 

4 thoughts on “Goddess without a heaven

  1. I found this weblog very awesome and I just wanna thank you for that. I hope you keep up the perfect work!

  2. I enjoyed this piece! He is there, a secret admirer who clearly see’s she is worth more than the material things and flattering lips. There she is, living in the smoke and mirrors of it all somewhat desensitized to the point she doesn’t see the genuine. The problem is that the secret admirer knows she is a goddess, but the question is, does she? I also like that he wants to ‘work her heaven, with love’. Very sweet with a hint of vulnerability. Nice write, bravo!

    1. Funny how love is sought-after but mostly in the wrong places. I am very much pleased you commented from the core like you knew the source from which the Muse drew its inspiration. And you dissect it so nicely more than just a regular blog comment. I appreciate your follow and support.

      Kind regards.

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