Human nature.

It’s easy
to promise love
till kingdom come
as strong as words.

But for how long
can promises be kept
without faltering
or breaking
or letting tears roll
until they freeze?

Perhaps those components
make love in itself
which then
shouldn’t be
a promise of perfection
but of absorption
and acceptance
of the whole
with a degree for error
which we humans
are prone to.

2 thoughts on “Human nature.

  1. You being an artist painting a picture with words you can appreciate Vincent Van Gogh, who said “there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people”I don’t think we are might to just love one person forever and ever, the human heart is capable of deep love and compassion for not just a few but all of humanity, Now I am not talking about the fickle kind of love,,,,,but I do appreciate when your heart gets broken what Bob Dylan said “Strike another match, start anew” ~

    Well anyway you poem was right on capturing the essence of the human heart … loved it.. You continue to astound me, you are both eloquent, and insightful

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