I gave my heart
to the birds
and watched them feed
graciously on it;
ripping it apart and gulping
the blood that spewed.

I threw my heart
on the highway
while watching the trucks
climb over it with speed;
splattering it everywhere
with no hope of repair.

I spat my heart
from my mouth
into the toilet sink
like mucus from a flu
and opened the tap to the end
to wash off every stain.

I gave my heart
to you wholeheartedly
with no insurance or whatsoever
only to watch you treat it
like each scene
in the verses above.

How I miss blogging regularly. 😀

18 thoughts on “Heart-less

  1. Hello my friend. Glad to be here ! Thank you for stopping by! I wish you a wonderful new week, with very smiles and peace! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil.

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  3. Intensely passionate —
    I truly believe one has to love deeply whatever comes into our lives – and love they say is often blind but when the invisible breaks through the surface only then can you see what to weed from your life and what is worth keeping.

    loves & hugs

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