It was my penis

It was my penis
that inspired this;
the lies and fake promises
just to get a kiss.

Just to get a kiss,
my penis triggered my senses
to go all the way
even if leading you astray.

Even if leading you astray
by blowing your mind away,
my penis didn’t mind
and my brain wanted to unwind.

It was my penis
that inspired this
and now it’s in bliss
while your heart shatters in pieces.

Written for Gooseberry garden’s theme, ‘the kiss’. Cheers to all the Muslims as they end Ramadan. 

8 thoughts on “It was my penis

    1. Wow, this is awesome, spoken honestly. I have a bit of a bump with rescind, I think maybe “unwind” might be the cure, but rescind is a powerful word… Just my two cents.

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