Projecting perfection

I cast my mind
on limitless horizon
and let my soul drift away
to a place
where peace is the uniform
and smiles the badge.

I cast my eyes
on open fields
and let my mind sail away
to a world
where unity is a country
and selflessness its citizens

I cast my thoughts
on my myself
and let my actions do the talking
so tomorrow
all my visions
shall become a reality.

Written for Bluebell books’ short story slam and dedicated to the victims of the bomb blast that dampened Abuja, Nigeria yesterday (26th August 2011). May the afflicted find peace and light! šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Projecting perfection

  1. I love the lazy drifting off to a better world dreamy feel at the end of each stanza. And then ‘let my actions do the talking’ -you make it real šŸ™‚

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