Fathers: The Real Men

After she told you she was pregnant, you contemplated in your mind. Should I become a father? Am I ready? What responsibility! Will I make a good father? Can I afford to take care of a child? to mention but a few.

Still, in the midst of scary thoughts like these, you told her to keep it and you guys were happy about it.
You stood by her all through the scary, frightening, annoying, restless and mindful period of pregnancy until the breathe-taking day of labor.

Supported her through the child raising process and help direct the child in the best way you both think the child should grow.

You are a Father, you are a real Man. More support to your elbow as you guide future generations to becoming better people to make society better. Happy Father’s day.

12 thoughts on “Fathers: The Real Men

  1. came across with this blog by accident in search for a particular article.
    …not only did i find what i am looking for, i even found more great articles.

    …thanks for sharing the gift…

  2. great post and much thought to fathers emmanuel…it takes work to a be a father…and that starts with showing htem how much you love your wife…

  3. Emmanuel your Father’s Day post is delightful. Simply awesome. I am very sure all the fathers will love this as well.

  4. shoulders, elbow all get in on the action in raising the next generation
    nicely done my friend

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