Men get hurt too

Photo: Hotblack

Photo: Hotblack

They say only a woman’s heart bleed but I say that is a biased way of looking at a relationship. Indeed women are more likely to express themselves in relationships than their male counterparts but that doesn’t mean love don’t burn in the heart of a Man. In some cases, it burns even more.

It is worthy to understand that women go into relationships looking at their man as a pillar on which they could lean on. With this perception, the man tries in the utmost of his abilities to be strong, knowing he is the pillar on which the relationship stands.

Imagine if your Man cried at the slightest emotional breakdown. Of course you will feel disgusted at a point. So, he hides his feelings, pains and worries so you can be comfortable. At least to the point that makes him look strong enough. Sometimes you run to your Man with a problem expecting him to be the “almighty consoler”, but have you ever stopped to think if the state he is in at the moment is good enough? No! You expect to be consoled, at least to the point where you feel better.

Men do feel pains too, Men do get hurt too, Men do feel insecure too, Men do get scared too and above all, Men are humans too. Those unusual times he goes to the bar all by himself, drinking; he is in pain but since he can’t cry, he cries through those bottles. Those million turns he makes on the bed silently hissing, he cries in his heart. Those new habits he picks up when you hurt him, he cries through them, trying to be noticed and given attention. Most times, he doesn’t even like the habits. Those silence he keeps when you’re both alone, he wonders if you know how hurt he is.

Instead of criticizing your man, complaining and comparing, make him know he’s appreciated the way he is and realize he is human just like you; bound to make mistakes because he isn’t perfect. When relationships are looked this way, you’ll realize the love you need is already there and bother less about looking for it elsewhere. Mostly in the wrong places.

I’ll leave you with this poem I wrote a while ago; Cheers!

“Mortal Saying”

I am just a Human
A Human with flesh and blood
A Human with heart and soul
Filled with hate and love
I’m just a Human like you.

Please don’t expect too much from Me
I may not be all you wish for in a person
I might not even get close
but I just want to be around
maybe one day I’ll make it right.

I am only human
A human that faces temptations
I don’t promise never to yield
but I’ll try, I’ll try real hard
that even if I yield it should be a few.

For thursday Poet Rally.


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