Featured Writer: Jessica Kristie

Hi Everyone,

Today I host a very exquisite Writer, Jessica Kristie, and she talks about her writing development as well as her forth coming book…enjoy the read.

Who is Jessica Kristie?
Thank you for having me today! I am a California girl, born and raised, and have always lived in the Bay Area. I think I enjoy the weather most here. As much as I consider moving out of California, I love the cool breezes at night, and the distinct four seasons. I have family that have moved out of state, but the majority still live here. I think someday, I continue to live where I am, I would at least enjoy doing some traveling.

How did you develop your passion for writing?
At a fairly early age my need to release my emotional energy in a form other than tantrums or bouts of misbehavior. I discovered my enjoyment of putting pen to paper at about ten years old. There have been plenty of dry spells since then, but it has always been and integral part of my emotional release.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I try to find inspiration in everything, always writing what I see or feel. That can take a huge discipline on my part but it’s always a positive thing. Finding beauty in everything and every emotion is a key part of who I am. Finding the light in every darkness, and pushing past every drought.

Writing visions?
This is a great question. It is good to have hopes and dreams for our writing, but a true and clear vision is something we don’t all relate too. Creating that vision can be key to a writer’s success. Setting realistic goals and being aware of our abilities and what we need to work on will help us to grow towards a vision.

My vision is to create a solid ground for my writing and personal brand. To be respected for my abilities and what I put out to the world. Not everyone will like my writing but I hope to always be respected for what I do. In any profession or even in our personal lives, if we can’t grow from our mistakes or criticism, then we will always be stuck in a self made world of unchanging mediocrity. Moving beyond tough times or difficult blows is easy to say, but we must all believe it can be done.

About the Book
Dreaming in Darkness is the new contemplative collection of poetry from writer Jessica Kristie. Share the passion and anguish, the acceptance and regret that life imposes on us all. Feel the validation of your pain and discover empowerment through understanding. A light always exists when you are Dreaming in Darkness.

Jessie’s Book is expected to hit the electronic world between the last week of March and the first week of April with prospect of making it internationally available. To stay updated, visit her website: http://www.jessicakristie.com.


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