Silent killer

Loneliness eats me up

like a hungry vampire

on a hunting spree.

Defenseless, I sit

on my pinnacle

buried in my ego

staring at the slide show

of when I still had you

and we were one.

Memories of us

leaves me sad

over and over again

germinating loneliness

in my heart’s center

and though

I walk around

like all is fine

I can feel loneliness

ripping my heart apart

and enjoying its savor.

11 thoughts on “Silent killer

  1. Great idea for a piece Emmanuel! I have felt this way before…There was about 3 years where I could not sleep I ran the nights and worked all day and about once every 2 weeks I would crash for a 16 hour period and start all over again…I hated living that way but night time always made me think in the darkness and then sleep would not come so then I went to see the rest of the creatures of the night!Loneliness is a vampire…Definitely!

  2. amazing poetry all around…

    give you the perfect poet award for week 39, appreciated your long time support to poets rally.

    in case you accept the award, please let me know.
    cheers, welcome join poets rally week 39..

    relax if you wish, best.

  3. Ouch… we are usually better off WITHOUT this companion, than with!! Please don’t let it eat you up….

    Thoughts well expressed, my friend..
    Peace and hugs!

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