Let’s pretend

I hear love calls
and see excitement,
once a broken home
automatically repaired
to celebrate love
that was lost
and still not found.
Hampers change hands
sweet words fly
latent motive
remains hidden
until the candle light
goes off
and both are slipped
under the sheet
for a night
of love practice and making
only to wake up
in the morning
as empty as they were
before the 14th
to begin counting
to the next time
they’ll pretend
to have found
lost love.

Happy Valentine’s day

14 thoughts on “Let’s pretend

  1. a lovely worded and fitting tribute to the 14th, I think a lot is weighed on a date, it should be viewed as a yearlong event, this showing we are loved and needed…xPenx

  2. They left the same way they came: empty. A sad way to celebrate love, to pretend to have something so precious when reality is that it’s not there to begin with. Wonderfully written piece! Bravo!!

  3. yeah, unfortunately i think a quarter of this planet’s population knows that feeling…valentine’s has become more and more about image and silly rituals and less about real love…
    excellent penning!

  4. A different Valentine’s Day — pretense that exist in many relationships, real love occurs in the every day ordinary moments – clever how you chose to show real love in a relationship by observing and penning what it is not…


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