Travel smart

On this road of life
that feels like a maze
You run into dead ends,
make u-turns
and try to find the right path
but it depends
on the kind of dead end
you run into.
While some are easy
to make a reverse
and keep going
others will get you stuck
for a nasty while.
Worst case
you never get the chance
to make such u-turns.
So while you
make this journey of life
the body, mind and soul
needs to be fused as one
to enable right choices
in the road ahead
the journey of life.

Happy Potluck People…Bless!

17 thoughts on “Travel smart

  1. Beautiful and inspirational words – everything we do has a consequence…and it’s up to us to ensure that we live in harmony in order to make the right choices in life and travel the journey well, without too many detours.

  2. Wise words Emmanuel….the journey of life passing quickly and when and where we spend time is so important……bkm
    Do not change your look —love your header and colors….just delightful …bkm

  3. I so agree, Emmanuel. If the body, mind and soul are balanced with each other–it can make our life’s travels a bit more easy. Very thought provoking piece.

  4. Ahh yes, body/mind/soul must be as one to see clearly the choices one must make on this journey. A wonderfully written piece!

  5. So very true. Yes, life does feel like a maze at times… And we must not take it for granted when we’re able to take u-turns — we seldom get the chance to fix/correct mistakes in our lives… Well said. Lovely read.

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