Poem for Dad

You may not be the wealthiest Man

let alone be famous

You may not make the trending topics

or the list of the greatest Men

but you are my foundation.

You sacrificed a whole lot

to let me build upon.

Even when juvenile delinquency

consumed my tender existence

still, like a shepherd

You found a way to lead me home

to safety, where I should be.

Now I’m grown

to see and understand

as much as I’ve grown

to discover my pots of gold.

All I can say is

I’ll invest each ounce

Until I become

the wealthy famous Man

that makes the trending topics;

one of the greatest to have lived;

My only prayer is you live to witness

while I watch the smile on your face.

Written for my Dad and shared with O.S.W

27 thoughts on “Poem for Dad

  1. ……………………………………………………………………………*LOST IN MA HEAD*

  2. this is my first read of the day…i saw the tweet and had to read….loved it lordy….they are so special…mine is a rock who kept me straight and boy did he have too….take care my friend…pete

  3. You’re always a trending topic in my timeline. A true Twitter Diamond! You father sounds like an incredible man. It’s difficult, sometimes, to lead your children down the correct life path. Your father’s patience and dedication to that goal is a wonderful testament to his character. So too, is this poem. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Such a beautiful piece, I too can relate. The eagerness, diligence, determination to make ones parents proud. To allow them to watch their offspring flourish & blossom into such a positive influence to those before and after. Very touching indeed 😉

  5. Nicely done! The striving to achieve something great (and I’m sure that father of yours also would say, even if it was never fortune and fame, that you are a treasure far greater!) 🙂 ~April

  6. Well written and heartfelt. Beautiful piece. But no parent asks or needs that from his/her child. What we want is to be loved and for you to keep us in the circle of your life as we surrounded you when you were young, then we want you there for us now we’re old. You’re dad is already as proud of you as he can be! But what a tribute to him, nonetheless!

  7. Lovely words emmanuel. It must be marvelous for you to have a father like him, and him a son like you.

    It was really adorable of you to speak out loud how much he has done for you.

  8. smiles. i hope that he reads it…as a dad i would love to hear these words…great tribute…and always great to see you @ one shot!

  9. i have no words to say how beautiful this is. such honor, love and respect in your words…thanks for sharing this – think i will read this to my husband and my son

  10. waowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………………………

    I love this.!!! it is amazing!!! Every good father deserve to read this from his son.

    Thumb up dude.

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